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Power Trading

Product & Services

  • Short Term / Medium Term / Long Term Power Trading
  • Solar Bundled Power
  • Cross Border Trading
  • Power Banking Arrangement
  • Trading of Power & REC on IEX

NVVN has been actively associated with the Power Trading activities since inception and has been instrumental in offering best products & services required by our valuable Customers from time to time. Power has been traded by NVVN as required in various products categorized on time of day basis to meet evening peak, off peak, round the clock, night power, morning peak demand and as & when available basis. NVVN has also effectively met power crisis and growing demand of Northern Region States by supply of power from NTPC Kayamkulam Station in Southern Region. NVVN has also tied up for different power SWAP arrangements amongst various States for deriving mutual benefit. NVVN is poised and looking ahead for trading on long term basis from Cross Border, Captive Power Plants(CPPs), Independent Power Producers(IPPs) and merchant power from NTPC Stations.

NVVN is a "Trader Member" of IEX (India Energy Exchange Ltd.) and undertakes trading of Power (in DAM & TAM segments) and REC on Power Exchange Platform of IEX.

Solar Bundled Power

Govt. of India has appointed NVVN as the Nodal Agency for purchase and sale of 1000 MW of Grid connected Solar Power generated during first phase (2009-13) of this Mission.

Cross Border

  • Bhutan: NVVN has been assigned the role of Nodal Agency for trading of power from Bhutan by GOI.
  • Bangladesh: NVVN has been assigned the role of Nodal Agency for trading of power with Bangladesh. NVVN has signed an agreement with Bangladesh (BPDB) for supply of 250 MW power for 25 years from various central generating stations of NTPC. The supply has commenced from Oct-2013 after completion of transmission link between India & Bangladesh in Eastern Region.

Performance Highlights

NVVN, the only public sector power trader, started in 2002-03 with a volume of 21.10 MU. NVVN has achieved trading volume of 10421.209 MU in last financial year.

*includes 85000 Non Solar Renewable Energy Certificates(REC) which is equivalent to 85MU .