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Cross Border Trade of Electricity

Click here for Draft SNA AgreementAnnexure-A

(a)    NVVN is nominated by Ministry of Power, Govt. of India as Settlement Nodal Agency (SNA) for settlement of Grid operation related charges with the following countries

1) Bangladesh
2) Bhutan
3) Nepal
4) Myanmar

(b)    Bangladesh
Transmission link: 400 kV D/C Baharampur (India) – Bheramara (Bangladesh)
i. Supplying 250 MW to Bangladesh from NTPC stations
ii. Supplying 300 MW power to Bangladesh from DVC.

Transmission link: 132 kV Surajmaninagar (India) – North Comilla (Bangladesh)
i. Supplying 160 MW Power to Bangladesh from Tripura

All the power supplies through other traders to Bangladesh are being coordinated by NVVN as Nodal agency.

(c)    Nepal i.
Transmission link: Muzaffarpur-Dhalkebar 400kV line (operated at 220kV)
i. Supplying upto 350 MW power to Nepal.

Expertise in preparation of PPA/ PSA for Cross Border supply of power and all other commercial arrangements.