Power Trading

NVVN provides solution for the uncontracted power Trading, URS of Genco’s, IPP’s, Captive power plant through bilateral, exchange based and banking agreements.

NVVN also helps the generation companies to decide the business strategy according to their generation schedule through our comprehensive database and experienced professionals.

Solution for Distribution Companies

NVVN is the one stop solution for the distribution companies/utilities to get reliable, sustainable and cheap power according to their demand curve for all the possible time frames.

NVVN also helps the distribution companies/utilities to chalk out their power purchase portfolio according to their demand variations which consist of attractive combination long term PPA’s, bilateral agreements and exchange-based power.

Our Portfolio includes:

  • Bilateral/Swap Power
  • Solar Bundled Power
  • Power Banking
  • Power Exchange
    • DAM
    • TAM
    • RTM
    • G-TAM
    • REC/ESCerts

Solution For Industrial Customers

NVVN is committed to provide the most competitive tariff of power to industries and other customers having demand greater than 1 MW.